Best Six Months Up 18-0 Midterm Years

Going back to 1950 the Best Six Months has is best
performance from November of the Midterm year to April of the Pre-Election year,
by a factor of three. And none of the other years of the 4-year cycle had zero

December and February have been the weak spots with January
and April leading the charge. From the October close to the April close BSM beginning
in Midterm years gains 15.2% on average, up 18 down 0.

Post-Election BSM: Average 3.1%, 11-8. Pre-Election BSM 4.6,
13-5. Election BSM: 5.3%, 14-4.

Adding in the MACD timing indicator only improves the results
slightly. This is worth noting this year at MACD triggered early and the Fed, inflation,
recession, oil, the midterm elections, and Ukraine have pushed stocks to dangerous
technical support levels. Proceed with caution.

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