‘Big Short’ Michael Burry hints we are in the middle of a market bubble popping akin to ’08 and ’00

“The Big Short” investor Michael Burry, best known for calling the subprime mortgage crisis, issued another dire prediction in a cryptic tweet, hinting that a 2000 and 2008 style market bubble could be on its way to popping in 2022. The founder of Scion Asset Management appeared to make a checklist for signs of a major market downturn, which included the crashes of speculative assets like cryptocurrencies, meme stocks and SPACs that have occurred in the past 12 months. Burry also named inflation as one of the problematic signs. Burry shot to fame by betting against mortgage-backed securities before the collapse of the mid-2000s housing bubble. This year, he has been particularly negative on the Federal Reserve being behind the inflation curve, the macroeconomic trends as well as the investor behavior. Most recently, Burry warned that “addictive” consumer spending is signaling more trouble ahead even as economic data showed signs of improvement. He suggested that consumers were still splurging on goods and services at a time when inflation remained at a multi-decade high. In May, he drew parallels between today’s market environment and that of 2008, saying it’s like “watching a plane crash.” Burry had also sounded alarms on massive earnings compressions. A regulatory filing showed that Burry had dumped all of his existing stock holdings at the end of the second quarter, selling out of Meta, Alphabet , Warner Bros. Discovery among other stocks. Burry is not alone in predicting a market bubble. Famed investor Jeremy Grantham said recently that the burst of multiple-asset bubbles he’s been warning of has yet to occur despite 2022?s extreme volatility. Grantham said the markets have entered the final act of a “superbubble.”

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