Upcoming Webinar: Inflation, Taxes, Octoberphobia & the Fed

You are cordially invited to join Stock Trader’s Almanac’s ‘Inflation, Taxes, Octoberphobia & the
Fed’ webinar on Wednesday,
October 13th at 1:00 pm ET

The biggest risk to the market remains the Fed. An uptick in
taper talk or chatter about the Fed raising rates ahead of schedule could
trigger another selloff. Jeff will examine inflation, tax increase and interest
rate risks to the market as well the other geopolitical, political, fundamental
and technical headwinds the market faces. Everyone is buzzing about seasonal
weakness and Wall Street still could suffer from chronic “Octoberphobia.” Recent
market weakness and volatility has set up his imminent Best Six Months MACD
Seasonal Buy Signal
quite well. Jeff will share with you and prepare you
for his next tactical trades, sector rotation adjustments and latest
inflation-hedged stock picks from his proprietary fundamental and technical


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